What devices does it work on?
The Wider Image is accessible on mobile, smartphone and desktop at http://widerimage.reuters.com. The app is exclusively available on the iPad through the App Store.
How can I follow story updates?
Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, use our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter. On smartphones and tablets, add the Wider Image icon to your Home Screen.
Can I share stories with friends?
Stories and photographer profiles can be shared by email, Twitter and Facebook. Your friends can access them on any device - smartphone, tablet, desktop.
Can I buy images?
Images can be licensed for professional use from Reuters Pictures.
How can I advertise on the Wider Image?
To learn about our sponsorship opportunities, contact us at widerimage@thomsonreuters.com.

iPad App

What do I need to access the app?
The Wider Image app is available exclusively on the iPad from the Apple App Store. iOS 7 is recommended but iOS 6 and above is supported. A fast WiFi or cellular connection is recommended.
How long does it take to download?
The initial download from the App Store is small and should only take a few seconds. The app features a wealth of rich media content, which downloads as you navigate through it. Download speeds and speed of navigation will depend on your network connection.
How often does the app update?
Whilst the frequency will vary, we aim to add new stories daily. The app updates automatically at regular intervals and each time the app is launched. On iOS 7, you can enable automatic updates in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
Can I use the app offline?
The app is designed to be a connected experience. However, content you have accessed in the past seven days is stored on your device. Connect to the Internet for updates and to navigate further.
Can I change the font size?
The font size stays the same but you can pinch out to zoom into the text when reading extended text, such as stories, factboxes and photographer profiles.
Can I save stories?
Tap the Favorite icon in the toolbar to save a story to a collection. Select the default “My Collection” or create a new one. You can create up to six collections and add up to 24 stories in each collection. You can also add up to six photographers and six countries to your Favorites to follow new work.
I can’t hear audio. What should I do?
Toggle the side switch on your iPad, as this can mute certain sounds on your device. If your side switch is used to lock screen rotation, double tap the Home button, flick from left to right along the bottom of the screen, and tap the mute button on the bottom left to enable sound.
The app is not responding
Try closing and re-opening the app.

On iOS 7, click the iPad Home button to return to the Home Screen, double-click the Home button to show all open apps, then swipe the Wider Image upwards and off the screen. Re-start the app from the Home Screen.

On iOS 6, click the iPad Home button to return to the Home Screen, double-click the Home button to show all open apps, slide right-to-left to find the Wider Image icon, then tap and hold the icon until it wiggles and a Close button appears – tap the Close button (this will not delete the app). Re-start the app from the Home Screen.

Closing other apps running in the background can also improve performance.

If your error persists, email details to us at widerimage@thomsonreuters.com. Whilst we may be unable to respond to you directly, rest assured your issue will be investigated for the benefit of all our users.
Are images provided in HD?
Photography in the Wider Image is the same quality you experience across the web. If you are using an iPad with retina display, even greater image detail is available with an HD subscription. Open the menu, select Settings and enable “Subscribe to HD Edition”.
Can I use my HD subscription on my other devices?
You can use your HD subscription across 5 iPads with retina displays. In order to do so, you must login to iCloud when you purchase an HD package. On the other iPads, login to iCloud account in iOS Settings, ensuring Documents & Data is switched on. Launch The Wider Image app, open the menu, select Settings and enable “Subscribe to HD Edition”. Choose “Restore existing subscription” and proceed.
How can I control cellular data usage?
To prevent all cellular data usage, select Cellular Data in iOS Settings and switch off The Wider Image.

If you have an HD subscription, you can limit high definition image download to WiFi. In Settings, select “WiFi Data Only”. Standard quality will be delivered on cellular networks and high definition on WiFi.
How can I connect to my TV?
On iOS 7, drag up the Control Center from the bottom of the screen. Ensure your Apple TV is on and connected to the same WiFi network. Select AirPlay, Apple TV and enable Mirroring. Slide the Control Center away to go back to the app.