Amit Dave

Amit Dave

Ahmedabad, India
Ahmedabad, India
“Be prepared to work hard, develop new skills and hone your news judgment. Never ignore any tips.”


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One Shot

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People gather to get water from a huge well in the village of Natwarghad in the western Indian state of Gujarat on June 1, 2003. Natwargadh was in the midst of the worst drought in over a decade. Dams, wells and ponds went dry across the western and northern parts of Gujarat forcing people to wait for hours around village ponds for the irregular state-run water tankers to show up.
“While the state government claimed that water was provided to all areas, in many remote areas people complained the supply was very low and highly erratic. The photo had a big impact. Newspapers in Gujarat and nationally took up the story and the government faced so much pressure that a better, permanent water supply for the village followed.”


I grew up in an atmosphere of photography. My father is a camera collector and a photographer too.

My father had photography as a hobby, later progressing into his profession. He has a good collection of cameras and photos but he wouldn’t let anybody touch his camera. So as a young child, when my father was out, I would get my hands on the camera and occasionally snap some pictures.

My first news photography assignment was to cover the International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad for a Gujarati news magazine.

Covering the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was the assignment that left the biggest mark on me. It was the first natural disaster of its kind to hit India and I saw and felt the devastation at first hand in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The assignments that excite me most are sporting events. I get to witness new records being set, veteran athletes performing at their peak and new talent making their mark.

My biggest lesson has been to have a vision then pursue it vigorously; also always be helpful to anyone who needs your support.

Photojournalism is important because you can always convey incidents and events in a very impressive manner. As that saying has it, a picture is more powerful than a thousand words.

My father is the person I respect most. I am a photojournalist thanks to his hobby, guidance and unwavering encouragement.