Corinna Kern

Corinna Kern

Tel Aviv, Israel
Cologne, Germany
“Photography is a profession that is born from passion, do not lose it on the way.”


My focus lies on reportage and stories. I also shoot portraits and news.

One Shot

. Tel Aviv, Israel. Reuters/Corinna Kern
“This photo shows an artist working with her collages on her rooftop studio. I love the twilight atmosphere in this image, putting the artist’s intimate space into stark contrast to the skyscrapers rising up high in the background, like a small haven within the anonymity of Metropolis.”


One of my earliest memories of photography might be from my childhood, when I was asked to make a bigger smile for a photo, or to show my teeth. I found it ridiculous and was astounded how others would just put on a fake smile on command.

What has been fascinating me from the onset about photographing people, is capturing genuine emotions and finding those special in-between moments that offer a glimpse into one’s character.

I learned the basics as part of my studies. However, it was only after my formal education that photography became my passion. I enrolled on a photojournalism masters in London, which opened my eyes to documentary photography as a means to tell human interest stories. I have been hooked ever since.

Photography allows me to engage with the world in a unique way and discover facets of life that I would not acquire access to otherwise. Working on in-depth stories can be one of the most eye-opening and rewarding experiences. In the end, I think, it comes down to curiosity about life.

I am excited about stories related to the human experience. Especially people living on the fringes of society, marginalised communities and non-conformist ways of living. I like to fully immerse myself into a project and, if possible, spend a lot of time with my protagonists. This allows me to comprehend their backgrounds and motivations while fostering a level of trust, and ultimately, to provide intimate and genuine insights into their lives.

Photojournalism can act as a universal language that connects people, encourages discourse and fosters understanding of issues around the world. If employed correctly, it has a high potential of shifting mindsets and serving as a first catalyst for social change.

I don’t direct my work towards a specific audience, instead I perceive it as a way to make topics accessible to anyone. If my work makes people think or acquire new insights, I have accomplished my goal.

You can always learn something, from anyone and from any situation.

Everyone’s path is different. I think the most important thing is to be dedicated and patient. Photography is a profession that is born from passion, do not lose it on the way. Keep an open mind, stories can be found anywhere. Don’t forget to build up and foster professional relationships.

I have great respect for journalists who work in challenging situations in order to report on important issues, those who are down to earth, respectful and supportive towards others.

Behind the Scenes

Jerusalem. Corinna Kern
Corinna Kern covers Easter Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem. Corinna Kern
Corinna Kern photographs a Palm Sunday procession on the Mount of Olives.