Jacky Naegelen

Jacky Naegelen

Paris, France
Colmar, France
“My camera gives me special access to all sorts of things and when I take pictures I aim to share that with my audience.”


I cover news stories and sports.

One Shot

. Bunia, Republic of Congo. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen PP03060045 JNA/WS - RTRPBVL
Child soldiers holding machine guns look out of a window in an ethnic Hema militia camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
“For me, this picture illustrates the worst way in which adults can exploit children.”


I was 12 years old when I started taking pictures and processing them at my secondary school photo club . Then, when I reached 15, I began shooting pictures as a freelancer for a local newspaper during the weekends and school holidays.

I enjoy shooting human interest stories, and I like assignments that can teach me something. Each time you meet someone from a different background, you learn something new, whether they are people leaving a refugee camp, drug addicts or workers at the famous Sevres porcelain factory.

Photographing heroin addicts in Kabul was an assignment that made a big impact on me. I met them in November 2006 when I was in Afghanistan with the French NGO Medecin du Monde. They were living in awful conditions without any state medical help, and their own families had rejected them.

My camera gives me special access to all sorts of things and when I take pictures I aim to share that with my audience. I want to allow my viewers to see people and events that they would otherwise never come into contact with.

My biggest lesson has been the importance of humility. This was something that really struck me when I spent time with refugees in a camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo and met people who had lost everything, even the other members of their family, but still held on to their dignity.

For me, photography is the best way to share my life experiences. And that’s essential: sharing is the most important thing there is.

Behind the Scenes

. CALAMA, Argentina. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen
Reuters photographer Jacky Naegelen shoots a photograph of Netherland's Henk Knuiman as rides his KTM bike during the 8th stage of the Dakar Rally.