Marcos Brindicci

Marcos Brindicci

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Balcarce, Argentina
“Staying positive and focused will get you better pictures. Every time.”


I cover sports, politics and general news.

One Shot

. Buenos Aires, Argentina. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci
A man is caught between Argentine policemen and rioters during clashes after commuter trains and a station were set on fire by passengers enraged by a delay to the service.
“My favourite image is one of a man in a suit carrying his briefcase as he is caught between clashes, with a policeman aiming a shotgun right next to him. I like pictures that can be a bit absurd.”


My earliest recollection of photography is my mother’s Minolta camera. I remember trying to use it when I was around five years old.

I learnt photography through classes I took while I was at college in Los Angeles. I also went to journalism school in Buenos Aires and took some photojournalist courses there too.

My first ever assignment was shooting pictures of a local soccer tournament. I almost screwed it up because I had the wrong film, but luckily I managed to borrow some of the right kind. My first assignment for Reuters came when I was sent to photograph the World Cup qualifying match for Argentina’s soccer team. It went well and I saw my boss and editor Rickey Rogers edit it in a very simple and peaceful way, something I was not used to at the newspaper where I was working at the time.

Before Reuters, I worked for a newspaper, and when I’m shooting I still keep in mind what editors might want. But the thing that interests me most is making an impact on an ordinary person reading the news and seeing my picture illustrate a story.

Staying positive and focused will get you better pictures. Every time.

I really respect Reuters photographer Alessandro Bianchi. He is very confident and easy going. The feeling I get from him is that he will get the picture that is required and then find even more.

Behind the Scenes

. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reuters photographer Marcos Brindicci covers a demonstration in Buenos Aires.