Michaela Rehle

Michaela Rehle

Munich, Germany
Weisswasser, Germany
“Always get the best picture you can, whether the assignment is a simple one, or something very important.”


I cover sports, culture and politics.

One Shot

. LUDWIGSBURG, Germany. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle
France's President Francois Hollande and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel kiss each other during a ceremony on the 50th anniversary of a reconciliation speech made by French President Charles de Gaulle to the German youth after World War II.
“It was the opening day of the traditional Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich but I had to go to Ludwigsburg to shoot this celebration with Angela Merkel. It was raining at the beginning but later the sun came out, I got some nice pictures and my mood changed. This photo went on to win the 2012 Rueckblende award.”


My father is also a photographer – he works for a paper in Saxony – and he shot lots of pictures of me when I was a child. When I was 14 years old I tried taking my first pictures for the newspaper, and I photographed concerts and a few soccer matches.

I learnt photography by trying everything out by myself. My father wasn’t able to explain anything! Later, I asked the professional photographers around me for more tips.

The first assignment I shot for Reuters was the 2002 European Athletic Championships in Munich. I realised that this job is very fast and you have to learn a lot for next time.

The assignment that left the biggest mark on me was the 2012 soccer Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. It was a really tough job, but we got lots of compliments from our boss after the match. It was the best experience ever.

When I take pictures, I just have one thing in mind: always get the best picture you can, whether the assignment is a simple one, or something very important.

Always take your time when shooting photos, and always be well prepared before you start an assignment.

Behind the Scenes

. Munich, Germany. Christof Stache
Reuters photographer Michaela Rehle shoots pictures inside a Munich courtroom.