Monicah Mwangi

Monicah Mwangi

Nairobi, Kenya
Murang’a, Kenya
“Images are powerful and last forever. Every newspaper and blog must have pictures to underscore the stories.”


Breaking news and feature stories. Societal and cultural stories, especially those about female empowerment and the gains of sustainable development goals excite me the most, as they guide human beings to protect the earth and conserve the environment.

One Shot

. Nairobi, Kenya. Reuters/Njeri Mwangi
Rescuers and journalists evacuate an injured man from a scene where explosions and gunshots were heard at the Dusit hotel compound, in Nairobi, Kenya.
“The image of media personalities rescuing an injured man from the Dusit terror attack claimed by Somali group al Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate fighting to impose strict Islamic law, is important to me because it shows journalists are also human.”


I first got close to a camera in college when I studied print journalism and photography. I was amazed at how I could use different settings on the camera to get a variety of pictures.

Visuals depict reality as compared to feature writing, which at times relies on explanation from sources. This is why I always wanted to become a visual storyteller, so I could have firsthand experience of events in Africa. I am proud to be on the frontline of telling African stories.

My first assignment was a terror attack at a hotel complex in Nairobi. I was in Nairobi’s central district when I heard a loud explosion. I had my camera with me and jumped on a motorbike, which rushed me in the direction of the explosion. I was among the first journalists to reach the chaotic site. Cars were burning at the entrance of the complex as people covered in blood ran for their lives. I learned to always be prepared and to have my gear with me at all times.

My biggest lesson has been to carry out proper research of any assignment before setting out to shoot. Understanding and respecting people’s cultures will always help to avoid distorting the story.

Storytelling is evolving very quickly and the use of tools such as software will help upcoming photojournalists fight for space in the industry. Safety and a good grasp of the working environment should always precede capturing the beautiful moment. Stay focused and be patient.

I respect U.S.-based Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson and admire her sports photography and hard news coverage. As a renowned female photographer, she inspires me in how she uses photography to tell compelling stories from the frontline and the touchline.

Behind the Scenes

. Bonface Kapua
Reuters photographer Monicah Mwangi poses for a photograph while on assignment in Turkana.