Ognen Teofilovski

Ognen Teofilovski

Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje, Macedonia
“I try to make my photographs as emotional as possible.”


Society, economics, entertainment

One Shot

. Cegrane, Macedonia. Reuters
A man carries an elderly ethnic Albanian woman as a group of Kosovo refugees arrive at the newly built Cegrane refugee camp.
“This picture showed me that small moments can have a big impact.”


Since I was a little boy I have loved the magic of pictures appearing on a piece of white paper.

I started as a self-taught photographer, picking it up as I went along by working in different newspapers.

Then in 2002 I went to journalism school in the U.S. where I rapidly developed my skills.

My first assignment and my favorite picture are combined: my first image published by Reuters was of Kosovo refugees arriving by bus at Cegrane refugee camp in Macedonia.

I love every assignment where I can meet new people. The large diversity of events that I cover gives me the opportunity to look at history in the making from the very first raw take.

Nothing can be seen in such crystal sharpness in a picture as honest emotion.

Taking a patient approach with all your subjects makes your work harder but brings excellent results.

I have become what I am mostly through the influence of my senior colleges - photographers who set the bar high.