Omar Sobhani

Omar Sobhani

Kabul, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
“The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is how to protect myself in a conflict zone.”


I cover violence, features and daily life stories.

One Shot

. KABUL, Afghanistan. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani
A man sits among dresses as he waits for his family who are shopping at a market in Kabul.
“I like this image because it contrasts different aspects of Afghan society; a village man in traditional clothes has come to buy a western bridal dress for his son’s wedding.”


I always wanted to be a photographer. My earliest memories of photography are the images I saw in a local magazine, “Sabawoon” (Dawn Light).

I was trained by our chief photographer Ahmad Masood. I did not have any experience prior to that, he taught me what it takes to be a photojournalist.

My first assignment for Reuters was photographing Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the presidential palace. Ahmad gave me a camera and told me to go and shoot – it was a fantastic moment for me and I was really pleased with my images.

The assignment that left the biggest mark on me was being embedded with British troops in Helmand province, I was in the midst of fighting and I had to quickly learn to stay alive while working in a war zone.

I love shooting fashion shows and features. They’re unusual in Afghanistan and most of my work is covering violence and hard news.

I think of all Reuters clients when I’m shooting, I want to share my pictures with the world.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is how to protect myself in a conflict zone.

I respect all the photographers around the world, because of the hard work that goes into creating a great image.