John Gress

John Gress

Chicago, United States
Oregon City, United States
“You can make the best pictures when you just relax and keep your calm during chaos.”


I cover news, politics and sports.

One Shot

. CHICAGO, United States. Reuters/John Gress
Athletes participate in the swimming leg of the triathlon during the Gay Games in Chicago's Monroe Harbor.
“This is my favourite image because the sun rising over the harbour with the swimmers in the foreground made for a picturesque moment that showcased both nature and sport.”


My first memory of photography is taking pictures at summer camp with my mom's point-and-shoot camera.

I took a few classes in photography but I mostly learnt from mentors, reading and practice.

My first assignment involved photographing a cat being rescued during a flood that engulfed my hometown in 1996. I learnt that, from that day on, I had a lot more to learn.

Covering a tornado in 2005 and allowing myself to emotionally connect with the victims was the assignment that left the biggest mark on me.

I love covering politics because I appreciate the theatre and all the creative options the assignments can bring.

I really don't think about the consumer when I shoot pictures, I just try to do the best that I can do.

You can make the best pictures when you just relax and keep your calm during chaos.

I respect anyone who follows their passion and doesn't let anyone else throw them off course.