Joshua Lott

Joshua Lott

Detroit, United States
Chicago, United States
“Always be on your toes and always have your camera with you.”


I cover features and breaking news.

One Shot

. NEW YORK, United States. REUTERS/Joshua Lott
A model has her hair and make-up done backstage at the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2009 collection at New York Fashion Week.
“This photo has always sparked my interest because of the plastic covering the model’s face as the stylist gets her ready. The curled eye lashes and the slivery wig really catch the eye. Covering Fashion Week has been one of my most exciting assignments for Reuters.”


Before I was a photographer, I used to work in the hotel where Illinois senator Dick Durbin held his news briefings. I met lots of photographers there who came to shoot the events, and that’s how I got started myself as a photojournalist.

I’m a self-taught photographer. I began learning back in 2002, when I was 24 years old, by reading photography books and websites.

My first assignment for Reuters was covering a fire in downtown Chicago, where I started out my career. I was on a break from photographing a wedding when I heard about this fire in a high-rise office, so I went down and got some shots. Later it turned out that at least six people died in the blaze, and Reuters used my pictures. I learnt an important lesson: always be on your toes and always have your camera with you.

Covering the 2008 presidential campaign left a big impression on me. It was a great change to go out and shoot with the best photographers out there. I had to be really competitive and stay alert. I got some good shots.

I like shooting portraits of subjects outside the studio. There’s a certain essence that you can capture without any artificial light.

I have a really broad audience in mind when I shoot pictures. I’m taking photographs for one of the biggest agencies in the world, and I’m always hoping that my images will be published as widely as possible.

As a news agency photographer, it’s really important to communicate well with your editors and make sure everything is timely. Other than that, you just have to go out into the field and work well with everyone else.

I respect my elders.

Behind the Scenes

. Newton, United States. Aaron Bernstein
Reuters Photographer Joshua Lott stands with others while waiting for Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann during coverage of the campaign trail.