Max Rossi

Max Rossi

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
“I’m always excited when I cover a story because you never know what will happen.”


As a Reuters staff photographer, I cover all sorts of news: politics, the Vatican, sport, and more.

One Shot

. Vatican City, Vatican. REUTERS/Max Rossi
Cardinals' cassocks are blown by a gust of wind as they arrive to celebrate the funeral mass of Pope John Paul II at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
“I covered Pope John Paul II for more than 10 years before he died, and photographing his funeral was a very emotional occasion. This image, which shows the wind moving the pages of the bible lying on his coffin, is one of my favourites, because it reminds me of all those feelings.”


My earliest memory of photography is from a school visit to Fiumicino airport when I was probably 11 or 12. With my Agfa Instamatic camera with rotating flash I realised just how big Jumbo jet wheels are.

I learnt to take pictures by reading technical manuals and other photography books. I still remember how expensive it was when I bought The Ansel Adams collection.

My first assignment for Reuters was to covering something at Vatican. I don’t remember what it was exactly, but I remember that my boss Dylan Martinez was very happy.

The Athens Olympics in 2004 for sure left a big mark on me because I realised exactly what Reuters was all about.

I’m always excited when I cover a story because you never know what will happen.

The audience I have in mind when I take a picture is all of Reuters’ clients – that means a lot of people!

My respect goes out to all my colleagues. This is a very difficult job and few people realise that.

Behind the Scenes

. Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy
Reuters photographer Max Rossi poses with a Ferrari Formula One 2012 model during an event in Madonna Di Campiglio.