Reem Baeshen

Reem Baeshen

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
“My fascination with photography is constantly fed by the people and the culture I am immersed in.”


I cover news, culture and daily life in Saudi Arabia.

One Shot

. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Reuters/Reem Baeshen
A Saudi woman swings at a park in Jeddah.
“I was capturing daily life of people enjoying a park in Jeddah. I focused on a couple of woman who were swinging. It felt important and inspiring to capture moments of pure enjoyment and happiness.”


I’ve always been fascinated by documentary photography and photojournalism. I have covered many events in Saudi Arabia, especially in my hometown of Jeddah. I covered conferences and festivals and I enjoy reporting on cultural events and everyday life stories.

My fascination with photography started in 2006 and is constantly fed by the people and the culture I am immersed in and surrounded by.

I wanted to become a photographer capture images that live forever and are able to evoke memories of events and the lives portrayed.

I was assigned to cover a photography exhibition titled “Colors of Saudi” that took place at Jeddah’s Red Sea mall. Although it was simple, it painted a picture of how people reacted to the photos. It was inspiring as it showed different cultures, landscapes, and tourism in Saudi Arabia. I learned about the importance of capturing the right moments.

I am interested in documentary photography of historical places and heritage sites. Capturing daily life is also of great importance for me as a photographer. I am greatly inspired by people and cultural diversity.

I think the future of photojournalism is all about staying on top of the fast-moving world we live in today, catching up with the latest trends, evolving with and adapting to it.

Behind the Scenes

Al Gouz, Saudi Arabia
Baeshen working in Al Gouz.