Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly

New York City, United States
Melbourne, Australia
“The calibre of photographers in this city is both mind-blowing and humbling. Each day I come home with my head crammed with new ideas.”


I cover a variety of assignments: everything from breaking news to entertainment to politics.

One Shot

. NEW YORK, United States. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
New York police officers look at men dressed as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a protest against the two leaders, outside the Warwick Hotel in New York.
“I always really like to look for humour in a situation. So when protestors were targeting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his visit to New York for the U.N. General Assembly recently, I spotted this scene off to the side where police and protestors were taking a breather. The juxtaposition is hilarious.”


My earliest memory of photography is backpacking around Europe in my 20s and shooting the whole thing on disposable cameras. It sounds romantic but I was horrified when I saw the results. So I figured I’d best learn how to take proper photos and enrolled in a short course. Seven years later, I'm still learning.

My first assignment for Reuters was covering the reactions to the death of Osama Bin Laden at Ground Zero in New York the night the Al Qaeda leader was killed. I had been at the site all night, shooting images for myself and for Australian media. But when I finally went to sleep at 6:30 a.m. I was called by Reuters an hour later and went back to Ground Zero to commence my first shift with them. I learnt an incredible amount: not only was I suddenly thrust into an event of global significance, which required smart shooting on no sleep, I quickly learnt that in our game, fast filing can have far reaching effects.

Covering the recent Hurricane Sandy definitely left the biggest mark on me. New York has very quickly become home to me. To see this city and its people so greatly devastated was, at times, extremely difficult.

It might sound cliched, but it really is the variety of assignments that keeps me coming back as a photojournalist. If I haven't shot it, then I want to.

As a foreigner living in New York, I really do consider the outsider’s view of this city. Realising that minutes after shooting an image it will potentially be seen around the world, I try to incorporate the foreigner’s eye into my work and present things that locals might take for granted.

I haven’t learnt just one big lesson – I’ve learnt too many to count. The calibre of photographers in this city is both mind-blowing and humbling. Each day I come home with my head crammed with new ideas.

I have tremendous respect for my colleagues in this city. It can be a tough place to work and live at times, but the camaraderie amongst the shooters here is, in my experience, unmatched. Everybody is always helping the next guy get a leg up. They've become my second family, whether they like it or not!

Behind the Scenes

. New York, United States. Pearl Gabel
Andrew Kelly covers the eviction of Occupy Wall Street protestors from Zuccotti Park in New York.
. New York, United States. Dia Dipasupil
Andrew Kelly covers day 92 of Occupy Wall Street protests in Juan Pablo Duarte Square.