Alessandro Bianchi

Alessandro Bianchi

Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy
“I always hope to reach the widest possible audience with my pictures.”


I cover general news, sport and features.

One Shot

. ROME, Italy. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi
A woman pushes her Fiat 500 car with her dog sitting inside.
“My favourite photo I have taken recently is of a woman pushing her own Fiat 500 after her petrol ran out during a strike by petrol station assistants. It was a great photo illustrating the situation.”


My experience with photography began by chance in 1991, when I started an apprenticeship with a local photo agency in Rome.

I learnt the basics of the craft from my father, who was the head of the photo department in the ANSA news agency in Rome. I followed his advice and began by covering local news. With time my experience grew and I covered international events.

My first assignment was covering an Italian Socialist Party congress. At the event, the party leader Bettino Craxi announced that he was resigning as he was being investigated for corruption. It turned out to be a very big story.

Italy’s “Clean Hands” investigation into political corruption and the subsequent fall of the country’s First Republic left the biggest mark on me. This was a complete overhaul of the Italian political system when many politicians and business people were arrested.

I consider all my assignments valuable experiences. I am constantly passionate about my work because I always hope my pictures will stimulate some kind of emotion.

I always hope to reach the widest possible audience with my pictures.

I am careful with my life and the lives of others when I take a picture.

I was lucky enough to start my professional career close to my father. I consider him the most important mentor of my photographic career and my life.

Behind the Scenes

. Rome, Italy
Reuters photographer Alessandro Bianchi covers a protest in Rome, as a demonstrator vandalises a burning Carabinieri police vehicle.
. Rome, Italy
Bianchi sits on a motorbike in front of the Colosseum as snow falls in Rome.