Darren Whiteside

Darren Whiteside

Jakarta, Indonesia
Toronto, Canada
“I’m excited by any assignment that allows me to travel somewhere new and exciting.”


I cover the news and everything else.

One Shot

. Angkor, Cambodia. Reuters/Darren Whiteside
Buddhist monks hurry across the Angkor Wat causeway during a sudden rainstorm.
“I may not remember people's names or my mobile number but I remember this moment like it was yesterday. How the cold rain hit my back, the smell of the water from Angkor's moat, the sound of the rain hitting the causeway. My favourite images are moments like that. I still remember every little detail surrounding my photos and I am thankful for that.”


I’m a self-taught photographer and I’m still learning. I never was a good listener, but the National Geographic helped.

My earliest memory of photography is taking pictures of the family dog with an Olympus 0M1 I bought with money I earned on my newspaper delivery.

My first assignment was about foreign labourers working in Japan, and I got it after a friend of a friend put me in touch with an editor. I made some money but it was like a drug; I learnt that photography can be an expensive profession. I also found out that a friend of a friend is a good friend to know.

The 1992 famine in Somalia and the 2004 tsunami that hit Aceh in Indonesia were the two assignments that left the biggest marks on me. At any given moment I can still be reminded of them.

I’m excited by any assignment that allows me to travel somewhere new and exciting, and which is going to make me laugh.