One eager supporter

One eager supporter


To some, it was as if she had met a celebrity rock star. To others, this woman looked pretty terrified.

In fact Robin Roy is one very eager supporter of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Wearing a t-shirt reading “Obama, You’re Fired. Vote Trump 2016”, she had waited along the rope-line for a chance to meet Trump in person at a campaign rally in Massachusetts.

. Lowell, United States. Reuters/Brian Snyder

Then the New York real-estate mogul and reality TV star shook her hand and talked to her.

Extremely excited would be an understatement.

All candidates with their eye on the White House, including Donald Trump, greet supporters along the “rope-line” at the end of events like these. It’s a chance for voters and supporters to shake the hand of the candidates or pose for a selfie with them or get an autograph.

This rally, held on a Monday evening in the city of Lowell, was quite a big event. Thousands of people, some supporters, some just curious, gathered in the Tsongas Arena, a venue for ice-hockey games or hip-hop concerts. The rest of the people in the photo are other supporters, including Roy’s daughter on her left.

Photographers, and the media generally, are fairly restricted by the campaign during Trump events. Most images are taken from the main podium, at the back of the hall across from the main stage, with long lenses (400mm).

After Trump’s speech, a small group of news photographers and a TV videographer were escorted from the media podium at the back of the room to the stage to document Trump making his way along the rope-line. I took this photo with a much shorter lens (50mm) from the stage looking over Trump’s shoulder as he greeted supporters.

The fact that every day is unique is one of the truly fun parts of this job. When I set out to cover this rally, little did I know that I’d capture a moment like this one.