Mohammed Salem

Mohammed Salem

Gaza, Palestinian Territories
Gaza, Palestinian Territories
“A picture should not be taken just with the eye; it should have a meaning in the heart.”


I cover the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and stories of daily life. I also shoot sports and other assignments related to the political situation in the Middle East.

One Shot

. GAZA, Palestinian Territories. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
White phosphorus bombs explode over Gaza city during Israel's three week offensive in 2009.
“I like this picture showing the white phosphorus bombs that were fired by Israel during the war on Gaza in 2009. It is the first record of the use of these bombs and it also won the World Press Photo award in 2010.”


Some of my earliest memories of photography are clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli soldiers.

I loved photography as a hobby when I was very young, and my brothers Ahmed and Suhaib encouraged me. I used to follow them during their work and I learnt how to shoot and edit. I also learnt from the other foreign photographers who used to visit the Gaza Strip. They were highly professional.

My first assignment was covering a tennis championship in Dubai. It was a different experience to be away from conflict and violence. I realised that photography is not only about politics; it is about everything in life.

The presidential elections in Egypt left a big mark on me. I witnessed the people’s emotion, and saw how happy they were, considering they had not expected to see fair elections, since their old president ruled Egypt for decades.

A picture should not be taken just with the eye; it should have a meaning in the heart.

I respect the feelings of people who are being photographed, especially if they are in difficult situations.

Behind the Scenes

. Gaza, Palestinian territories
Reuters photographer Mohammed Salem is evacuated by a colleague after being injured in the leg at the Erez border crossing in Gaza.